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Wall Street Journal Covers GNS Launch of Gemini

This is the first AI-based virtual patient for multiple myeloma, said Colin Hill, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company’s co-founder and chief executive. It is traditionally difficult to predict how specific drugs or combinations of drugs might help individual multiple...

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Colin Hill to Speak at 2020 STAT Health Tech Summit

This year’s 2020 STAT Health Tech Summit will engage industry leaders, from giants like Apple and Google to upstarts emerging from stealth to discuss how breakthroughs in health and medicine are not just biological – they are technological. The two-day event will...

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Press Releases

GNS Healthcare Hires Alan Kilyk as Chief Financial Officer

Somerville, MA: GNS Healthcare, an AI company creating in silico patients to simulate disease progression and drug treatment at the individual patient level, is pleased to announce that accomplished finance executive Alan Kilyk has joined the company’s leadership team...

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