GNS Healthcare applies its groundbreaking, powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform to unravel the complexity of human disease in order to match the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

We work with leading biopharma companies to accelerate and optimize drug discovery, development and commercialization. Our platform leverages both clinical trial data and real world data (RWD) to model patient response to treatment in silico. These insights enable biopharma to discover which subpopulations of patients respond, which do not and more importantly understand why, directly from the data and without bias. These models can also be used to conduct in silico clinical trials generating real world evidence of a drug’s value in the real world, both before and after launch.

We partner with innovative health plans to identify which members will respond to which drug and care management interventions at what point in time. Our platform provides a prescriptive approach allowing health plans to understand the effectiveness of specific interventions, member by member.

We work with progressive patient foundations to discover novel disease pathways and drug targets to accelerate the development of new therapeutics.

By leveraging the most powerful form of AI, called causal machine learning, we transform massive and diverse data streams to precisely match therapeutics, procedures, and care management interventions to individuals to dramatically improve health outcomes and reduce the total cost of care. We have modeled over forty diseases in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic, neurology, autoimmune and others.

We understand that in order to make precision medicine a reality, we need to discover and deliver novel insights that will cure disease and heal the healthcare system.

The REFS™ Platform

Our Reverse Engineering Forward Simulation (REFS) platform is the most powerful AI for identifying patient therapeutic response.

Speed to discovery

Our platform works by reconstructing complex diseases into computer models which allows users to simulate real world scenarios that take the guesswork out of critical decisions and increase the speed to discovery from years to months.

Transparency of results

By employing causal machine learning, our models not only deliver novel insights, they identify the underlying cause and effect relationships, crucial to understanding and treating the root cause of disease progression and patient response.

Unlimited data volume and variety

We transform and integrate millions of data points of all types – EMR, genetic, proteomic, genomic, claims, consumer, laboratory, prescription, mobile health, sociodemographic and more – revealing unforeseen relationships in a dynamic platform that continues to grow smarter over time.

Healthcare’s Most Powerful AI Solution

Understand the power of causal machine learning, why it’s different than other AI solutions and why it’s critical to transform biomedicine and healthcare. Check out video below to learn more.

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