Simulating Disease to Radically Transform Drug Discovery & Development

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The case for AI-driven cancer clinical trials –
The efficacy arm in silico

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GNS Healthcare Announces a Multi-Year Collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Innovation Hub to Advance Precision Medicine in Oncology

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GNS to Develop the World’s First in silico Patient For Prostate Cancer

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GNS Healthcare and Scipher Medicine® Collaborate to Develop World’s First in silico Patient for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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At GNS we leverage our pioneering Causal AI technology to exploit the recent explosive growth of multi-omics and clinical data to create “virtual” (in silico) patients in oncology, neurodegeneration, and immunology and reveal the hidden circuitry of disease.

We can now use Gemini in silico patients to simulate disease progression and drug response at the individual patient level to discover novel drug targets, simulate entire trials to better select patients, and rapidly generate evidence of comparative effectiveness vs other drugs.

Getting to the Why…


Which candidate drug target is driving the clinical endpoint? And through what mechanism?


Which patients respond or don’t respond to a drug and why?


Which drug combo improves the clinical efficacy of my drug and why?


Will Drug A drive better clinical outcomes than Drug B? And if so, why?

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Meet Gemini

The in silico Patient™

Gemini – The in silico Patient™ is fueled by rich multiomics and clinical data and links drug treatment to patient characteristics to the complex genetic and molecular mechanisms and pathways driving clinical outcomes, enabling the simulation of disease progression and drug response at an individual patient level.

Gemini Solutions →

Gemini Solutions

Fueling Drug Discovery

Uncover novel drug targets
Discover prognostic markers
Identify best combo therapies

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Accelerating Clinical Trials

Conduct head-to-head in silico trials
Reveal responding / non-responding populations & underlying mechanisms

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Driving Market Access

Generate comparative effectiveness evidence
Inform line of therapy changes
Enable optimal treatment sequencing

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A breakthrough approach backed by decades of research …

Coming soon

Bruce Church headshotWhy Causal Learning is a Superpower for Healthcare

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