GNS Healthcare accelerates discovery to provide novel insights to leading health plans, biopharma companies, and health systems. By leveraging a powerful form of AI, called causal machine learning, we transform massive and diverse data streams to precisely match therapeutics, procedures, and care management interventions to individuals. We understand that in order to make precision medicine a reality, we need to deliver results that will cure disease and heal the healthcare system.

GNS discovers insights across the healthcare ecosystem


Identify patients in clinical trials, optimize the real-world value of therapies and accelerate drug development.

Health Plans

Optimize the matching of interventions to members to deliver personalized care pathways.


Discover new  therapeutic pathways, fueling diagnostic and drug innovation.

Health Systems

Create precise individualized patient treatment plans to drive better outcomes.

GNS Healthcare’s Transformational Platform: REFS™

Discover New Knowledge with REFS™

As a pioneer in artificial intelligence and causal machine learning – GNS has been discovering scientific evidence to improve health outcomes and speed drug discovery and development since 2000. Our powerful causal machine platform, REFS (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) uncovers causal relationships from billions of data points, runs the models through hundreds of thousands of simulations, grows smarter over time and speeds the time from data ingestion to discovery.


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AI Machine Learning Health Care


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At GNS Healthcare, we’re putting precision medicine within reach.