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Using Causal AI to Predict Patient Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Knowledge of why patients respond =
why drugs succeed.


GNS Healthcare is the leading causal AI company enabling the discovery of which patients respond to drugs and why. The world’s largest biopharma companies trust us to help them better understand disease progression, quickly pinpoint patient subpopulations, and generate stronger evidence of clinical value. Access to next generation patient data, combined with our causal AI and simulation technology, enables rapid knowledge generation driving clinical trial design and market access positioning.

How GNS Helps Pharma and Payers

The largest biopharma companies and payers trust GNS to help understand drivers of disease progression, more quickly pinpoint target populations, generate stronger clinical value, optimize health outcomes and costs with real-world and other evidence.

Novel Simulation for Translational Research

Run in silico simulations to determine intervention effects as well as reveal biomarkers of disease progression and drug response. 

Faster, Better Designed Clinical Trials

Select optimal patient subpopulations for drugs and targets in development. Discover and evaluate the most promising hypotheses before study design, reducing expensive trial and error.


Accelerated Market Access 

Generate evidence of comparative effectiveness at later stages of drug development to support value-based contracts, support line of therapy positioning and label expansion.

Advanced Payer Analytics

Apply AI-drive models across lines of business to better predict rising patient risk and understand which patients are least likely to benefit from interventions or treatments.

The Science Behind the Success

REFS’ AI approach has been shown to be the most powerful tool for treatment effectiveness simulation on an individual patient basis. Based on decades of breakthrough academic research, REFS has been validated through over 50 peer-reviewed publications including in top-tier journals such as Lancet Neurology and PLoS.

The REFS™ Platform

The enabling technology behind GNS partners’ success is our patented REFS platform, the industry’s only platform that can go beyond predicting what may happen – to yield the deeper causal insight into why something happens, even from. Our sophisticated algorithms, refined over decades of development and validation, transform your data into causal models that deliver insights rapidly and accurately.

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