Our Story

In the late 90’s, our founders started with a simple but profound question: Can the explosion of genetic and genomic data be transformed into computer models of disease progression and drug response?  Can those models reveal new drug targets and new drugs and markers of response to enable personalized medicine?  Can breakthroughs in machine learning, modeling, and simulation combined with ever increasing super-computing power turn this dream into a reality and transform the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, multiple sclerosis?

Those were the questions that led Colin Hill and Dr. Iya Khalil to start GNS Healthcare in 2000 out of Cornell University. The technology is built on the work Dr. Stuart Kauffman (5-time MacArthur “Genius” Award winner), Dr. Judea Pearl (winner of the Turing Award), and the fields of systems biology, chaos theory, statistical physics, artificial intelligence, and Bayesian statistics.

Today the mission of GNS has broadened but the vision has stayed largely the same: leveraging the latest innovations in machine learning, computing, and mathematics to turn biomedical and healthcare data into solutions and treatments that dramatically reduce the burden of human disease.

What We Do

We solve healthcare’s matching problem. We provide technology, services, and solutions that precisely match drugs, medical procedures, care management programs, and medical devices to individuals.  We help our clients improve health outcomes and avoid spending hundreds of billions of healthcare dollars on the ineffective matching of treatments to patients and the resulting downstream medical costs. We use our breakthrough causal machine learning and simulation technology —REFS — to create solutions that slow disease progression, reduce adverse events, and optimize therapeutic effectiveness. These solutions include Advanced Illness and Palliative Care, Metabolic Syndrome, Patient Stratification in Clinical Trials and other Custom Modeling Offerings, in addition to the direct licensing of the REFS Technology. We also have a robust R&D pipeline of solutions which includes: Preterm Birth; Personalized Care Pathways in Oncology; Specialty Care (autoimmune and neurological disorders); Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Complex Patients; New Member Risk; and Provider Network Optimization.

By making the precise matching of interventions to individuals possible, GNS Healthcare creates data-driven evidence to define what works for whom and puts that knowledge within reach for health plans, health systems, biopharmaceutical companies, and foundations and researchers who are working toward improving health outcomes, patient by patient.


We have attracted key strategic investors across health insurance, care delivery, and biopharmaceuticals that bring insights, network, and customer-led proof of concept solution development.

We Are Expanding Our Team

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