About Us

GNS Healthcare is a big data health care company committed to transforming the way we manage care and treat patients. Our technology extracts the knowledge embedded in the vast amounts of patient data being generated by electronic health records, insurance claims, clinical trials and other sources. Since our founding in 2000, GNS has become a leader in developing predictive models and software products for clients across the health care spectrum, including payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies.


In health care today, many of the treatments given to patients don’t work. We don’t know which patients will benefit from treatment and which won’t respond. At the same time, much of the data being generated by the health care system isn’t being used.

GNS Healthcare has developed a way to use the “data exhaust” generated by the health care system to improve care for everyone. We envision a world where every patient gets the most effective treatment the first time – where “personalized medicine” becomes the norm, not the exception.

We build data-driven software and unique models that match treatments to patients and empower health care executives to solve complex care, treatment, or cost challenges. We discover not just what works, but how and why it works. Whether you want to make the drug development process more efficient, find the most cost-effective interventions, or reduce costly adverse events, we can help.