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Progression to metabolic syndrome is driven by lifestyle behaviors, genetics, and use of therapiesGNS Healthcare’s Metabolic Syndrome  Solution can identify which individuals in a population are at greatest risk of developing metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes in the next 12 months and predict the specific clinical factors that most impact an individual’s risk of progression. Health plan and health system interventions aimed at preventing progression use our personalized predictions to guide their interventions to reduce an individual’s risk and ultimately improve health outcomes and lower total healthcare costs.

By better identifying individuals who are at near-term risk of developing metabolic syndrome and simulating response to interventions health plans and health systems can:

  • Identify which members are at the greatest risk of developing metabolic syndrome or type II diabetes in the next 12 months, down to the individual risk factor
  • Match and tailor an intervention program to individual members
  • Delay and/or prevent metabolic syndrome and downstream diabetes and cardiovascular disease across your population
  • Realize economic benefits within 12 months

Subject Predicted Risk Factors. REFS models produce individualized metabolic syndrome risk profiles.

Novel Predicitive Models for Metabolic Syndrome


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