Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are rapidly transforming industries, from autonomous cars, to logistics, to technology – and now biotechnology. Excitement about AI and ML driven solutions for accelerated drug discovery, drug development, and drug data analysis, among others, is growing steadily in biopharma. From the discovery cycle to becoming exponentially accelerated, to the revelation of undruggable targets becoming new realities, to the rapid prototyping of new designs and mechanisms of action, to the use of AI and ML in clinical applications and patient population selection, it is clear and palpable that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are radically re-inventing all aspects of the biotechnology R&D spectrum.

Recently, there has been a surge in R&D collaborations between key biopharma players and AI-driven companies, primarily emerging drug development companies, as well as venture investment in the AI-related biotech area. With this rapidly growing interest in AI and ML comes questions about how emerging companies can best prepare themselves to succeed.

A panel of successful entrepreneurs and experts will discuss various topics, ranging from company launch, strategic alliances, securing investments, and protecting AI-based IP in strategic partnerships with AI companies. During this session, experts in AI and emerging companies will weigh in on the protection, licensing, and data-valuing of AI and Machine Learning innovations, from patent prosecution, to strategic licensing, to alliances, financing and acquisition transactions.