Iya Khalil Arc Fusion 2018Iya Khalil, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of GNS Healthcare, will be one of several industry thought leaders presenting at the Arc Fusion Radical Wellness Summit on Thursday, May 3.  Her presentation will focus on how machine learning can drive radical wellness and longevity. Additional presentations will be given by:

  • Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Flatiron Health
  • Jonathan Bush, Founder and CEO, Athenahealth
  • George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School; Director, PersonalGenomes.org
  • Jamie Heywood, Co-Founder, PatientsLikeMe
  • Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President and Co-Founder, Institute for Systems Biology

The theme, radical wellness, will focus the conversation on the fusion of cutting-edge technology and science. Conversations will address topics such as the collection of massive health data, applications of AI and advanced analytics, and  what the impact of data and AI will be on society and the future.

View a full list of speakers, learn more about the event, and register to attend here.