Michael Bonney, Tom Daniel, Peter Neupert, and Lee Newcomer join GNS Healthcare’s in silico Patient Advisory Board

Cambridge, MA – April 21, 2020 – GNS Healthcare, an AI-driven precision medicine company, is pleased to announce the formation of its in silico Patient Advisory Board. The in silico patient is an AI-driven computer model of disease progression and drug response at the individual patient level, built from large quantities of multi-modal patient data. Accurate enough to serve as a companion technology platform in the design of clinical trials and generation of real-world evidence, the in silico patient accelerates the clinical development of new drugs and impacts the market positioning of newly launched medicines.

The Advisory Board will guide the strategy and commercialization of this transformative innovation that will enable the precision matching of drugs to patients. The first in silico patient in the pipeline will launch mid-2020.

The members of GNS Healthcare’s Advisory Board are:

  • Michael Bonney – Executive Chairman of Kaleido Biosciences and board member of BMS and Alnylam, former CEO of Cubist
  • Tom Daniel – Venture Partner at ARCH, former President of R&D at Celgene
  • Peter Neupert – Lead Director at Adaptive and LabCorp, former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and Founder/CEO of drugstore.com
  • Lee Newcomer – former Senior Vice President, Oncology and Genetics, and Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealth Group

“We are thrilled to have these pioneers across several key industries lend their insights to the commercialization of these in silico patients. Tom and Michael bring the R&D and commercial perspective, respectively, from pharma while Lee represents the payer side and Peter delivers the technology and health technology perspective,” said Colin Hill, Chairman, Co-founder and CEO of GNS Healthcare. “Bringing together these individuals is a testament to where we are in pharmaceutical and healthcare innovation—at the intersection of “big patient data”, AI, and an increasingly profound need to deliver personalized treatment to patients. We are moving closer to revealing the underlying biology of human disease and are excited to share our solutions with the market in 2020.”


About GNS Healthcare:

GNS Healthcare is an AI-driven precision medicine company developing in silico patients from real world and clinical data. In silico patients reveal the complex system of interactions underlying disease progression and drug response, enabling the simulation of drug response at the individual patient level. This in turn enables the ability to precisely match therapeutics to patients and rapidly discover key insights across drug discovery, clinical development, commercialization, and payor markets. GNS REFS™ causal AI and simulation technology integrates and transforms a wide-variety of patient data types into in silico patients across oncology, auto-immune diseases, neurology, and cardio-metabolic diseases. GNS partners with the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and health plans and has validated its science and technology in over 50 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts. https://gnshealthcare.com

Media Contact:
Simona Gilman