The shift to value-based care is revolutionizing how health plans interact with their members and contract with providers in their network. The key to success is an accurate understanding of what interventions will have the greatest impact on a member’s health and the resulting mid and long-term total cost of care. At GNS Healthcare, we are unlocking the value of traditional and emerging data sources to dramatically improve health outcomes and eliminate wasted spending on the ineffective matching of treatments and care management programs to individual members. By precisely matching individuals to the right interventions, we are helping health plans deliver value-added care solutions to individual members to improve the health of every member at a lower total cost of care. 

Deliver the right interventions to each patient, every time.

patient-riskRecognize Risk

Plan for high-risk, high-cost members by timely identification of those at-risk for disease progression.

models Simulate & Optimize Outcomes

Refine risk models over time to improve their prescriptive power and outline the best intervention plan to improve outcomes for members.

efficiency-icon Eliminate Waste

Match members with specific interventions that are tailored to their profile, delivering personalized and effective quality services while mitigating costs.


“Machine learning enables us to set hypotheses aside and let the machine work at a much faster pace than standard algorithms to derive actionable insights which help achieve the Triple Aim.”


Jason G. Cooper Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer Horizon Healthcare Services Inc.

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