GNS Co-founders Colin Hill and Iya Khalil will address the convergence of AI and precision medicine in a pair of panel discussions at BIO 2018. Colin will be participating in a panel titled “Cutting Waste in the Link Between Big Pharma and Payers with Precision Medicine.” The discussion will focus on the conundrum of pharma companies needing to cover the enormous costs of developing effective new drugs while payers struggle with the prices being passed on to them.

The panel will discuss how both stakeholders can reduce costs and improve outcomes by utilizing AI and precision medicine. Colin will join Dr. Michael Sherman, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Health Services for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care; Dr. Peter Juhn, Vice President and Head of Global Value-based Partnerships at Amgen, and Dr. Edward Abrahams, President of Personalized Medicine Coalition for a cross-industry discussion, moderated by Casey Ross, National Correspondent for STAT News, on the definition of value, the data needed to power value-based strategies, and the future of value-based agreements.

Later in the week Iya will join the panel “Is Biotechnology Drowning in Health Related Data,” that addresses the suggestion that perhaps the biotech industry is trying to digest too much data. Thanks to the Human Genome Project and new diagnostic and sequencing technologies researchers are now able to accesses genomic and DNA sequencing data in quantities previously unimaginable. These new sources of data are also being combined with data from electronic health records and insurance claims that are becoming more integrated and accessible. The panel will discuss the impact of this data tsunami and try to separate promise from reality.

The panel, moderated by Damian Garde of STAT News will also feature Dr. Jay Bradner, President of Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and Dr. Eric Schadt, Founder and CEO of Sema 4. The panelists will touch on how data is being leveraged today, new opportunities for the application of data and technology, and how to measure success of these efforts.

Iya will also be featured on an all-female panel, “What Role Will You Play in the Digital Revolution” on Wednesday, June 6, featuring Marta Bralic, Vice President of Business Development at Flatiron Health; Dr. Luba Greenwood, JD, Strategic Business Development and Corporate Ventures at Verily; and Rache Sha, Vice President of Digital Business Development & Licensing at Sanofi. The panel will discuss the impact that digital and information technologies is having on life sciences and healthcare, and how no-traditional players are influencing the industry