GNS Healthcare has unmatched experience and capabilities in the transformation of large, complex healthcare data into actionable knowledge that can improve patient care. With over 17 years’ experience, GNS has worked with partners across the healthcare spectrum around the world, from patient foundations and large biopharmaceutical companies, to major health plans and health systems.

We trace our roots to the application of computational modeling applied to complex biological systems. Founded in systems biology, chaos theory, statistical physics, artificial intelligence, and Bayesian statistics and built upon the research of Dr. Stuart Kauffman, Dr. Judea Pearl (winner of the Turing Award), and many other leading academics, our vision has led to the creation of the world’s most advanced causal machine learning platform: REFS (Reverse Engineering Forward Simulation).

years of demonstrated experience
collaborations with innovative industry-leading partners
percent of GNS team hold PhDs
peer reviewed publications, scientific posters and presentations


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