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How GNS Helps Pharma and Payers
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How GNS Helps Pharma and Payers

GNS Partners Across the Drug Development and Commercialization Continuum

GNS Healthcare has earned the trust of the largest healthcare organizations in the world with the industry’s most validated AI and simulation platform and a brilliant team to help them succeed.


Understand disease mechanisms and simulate effects of interventions.

Clinical Trials

Pinpoint target subpopulations and better design clinical development plans and trials.

Market Access

Position treatment competitively and prove value in specific populations.


Identify actionable rising risk and understand which patients are unlikely to respond to treatment.

Featured Success Stories

Novel Models and Simulation for Translational Research

New Disease Mechanism Underlying Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Each year, 7000 patients are prescribed an expensive mCRC drug that turns out not to work for them, due to a false association between tumor location and the drug’s efficacy. Only GNS’s causal analysis could have discovered that location isn’t predictive after all – there’s a deeper genetic driver of patient response. The results of our causal analysis, validated by uncovering known disease drivers, could improve care by better matching patients to treatments while uncovering new biomarkers and targets for drug development.


Faster, Better Designed Clinical Trials

Reducing Trial Enrollment by Selecting Fast Progressors

Traditional models used to design Parkinson’s trials is based on factors long associated with disease progression. But capturing the complex interplay of clinical, genetic, and molecular factors that truly drive disease progression is critical to identifying which patients are best suited for clinical trials. In this Lancet Neurology publication, GNS Healthcare has enabled researchers to go beyond associations and define a powerful and dynamic model to identify fast progressing patients with the potential to increase the efficiency of clinical trials through optimal trial recruitment, smaller trial populations and shorter trials.



Accelerated Market Access

Type 2 Diabetes in Value-Based Care: Reducing Risk

In a value-based care model, treating patients with type 2 diabetes can represent a significant risk for both the payer and the provider. To help quantify and reduce that risk, Sanofi worked with GNS to determine the true predictors of hypoglycemia and five additional clinical and economic outcomes. Claims data from a diverse cohort of patients in real-world clinical settings helped Sanofi identify the true drivers for each outcome and quantify with high confidence the cost of treating high-risk patients.


Real-world Payer Evidence

PCPs in Wisconsin: “No Correlation Between Cost and Quality”

The GNS causal AI platform was asked a fundamental question: which doctors return patients to their optimal health status as quickly and efficiently as they can and how do they achieve these results using the most appropriate resources possible? The answer is surprising!
Patients would not only be healthier, but the cost of treating key medical conditions could be 30% lower, potentially saving hundreds of millions a year.


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