Help patients have the right conversations with their providers and loved ones at the right time. 

End-of-life decisions are among the most personal and important in the patient journey.  GNS Healthcare’s Advanced Illness solution allows health plans and health systems to identify members who are most appropriate for advanced illness interventions in the next year. Using the GNS solution, providers can engage in conversations with their patients earlier.  This enables them to manage the transition to end-of-life care and services that better align with the wishes of the patient and their family and better empower their physician.

Better identification of members facing end-of-life decisions in the next year can help you: 


Understand and respect the wishes of members with advanced illnesses and empower them with personalized information.


Improve satisfaction with end-of-life experiences for members and their families.


Offer alternatives to unwanted hospitalizations and interventions such as hospice or in-home palliative care. 

The optimal solution for addressing the needs of patients with advanced illnesses includes both accurate identification and compassionate interventions.

  • Identify 50% more patients
  • Model accuracy of 90%
  • 6, 12, 18, and 24-month insights

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