Our Solutions

Americans spend more per person per year on health care – about $3 trillion total. Yet our nation lags many developed countries in basic measures of public health. We’re spending a lot, but getting mediocre results. At the same time, health care reform has put additional pressure on hospitals and insurance companies to control health care spending and improve outcomes. How can health care companies – payers, providers and drug makers — thrive in this environment? And how can we make health care more effective while still reducing costs?


From electronic health records to clinical trials and insurance claims, our health care system generates more patient data than ever before. Embedded within this data is knowledge about what steps will lower costs, improve clinical outcomes and shorten the time to develop life-saving medicines. Our system – making use of unique algorithms, machine learning and cloud-based supercomputing — extracts that knowledge and generates crucial insights necessary for health care companies to take the right steps in today’s fast-changing environment.

Our Platforms

The REFS big data platform quickly uncovers answers hidden within the mountain of data. We provide custom analytics to solve specific problems for health care companies and biopharmaceutical firms, and are rapidly developing new products that will answer questions and provide guidance to insurers, hospitals and drug makers. Our solutions turn big data into a powerful tool to give your organization a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing health care environment. That’s how we can make health care more effective, one patient at a time.