Solutions: Creating Real-World Evidence

We are facing a critical challenge that must be addressed: How can we use data to discover what works – and for whom?

  • How do we unlock the insights stored in observational data from our healthcare system to establish which treatments work for which patients?
  • How can we use genetic and clinical data to develop more effective therapies and personalized medicine?

While we have robust ways to create, store, process and share increasingly complex and massive data sets, we are only scratching the surface when it comes to data analytics.

Healthcare executives and scientists are asking:


  • How can we build models faster and from combinations of disparate data types?
  • How can we better leverage existing scientific talent by focusing them on the most promising opportunities out of the astronomical number of possibilities?
  • How can we scalably test many possible “what if” scenarios to pull the needles out of the big data haystack?
  • How can we demonstrate real-world outcomes with the development of personalized treatments to increase their effectiveness and value?

GNS Healthcare is among the leaders developing data-driven, predictive approaches to empower healthcare executives to answer these questions in weeks, not years, and at scale. We are working with leading healthcare organizations to use the power of big data analytics to derive knowledge.