Licensing the REFS Platform

GNS Healthcare’s patented REFS (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) platform rapidly transforms healthcare and other data into machine learning models that define underlying causal relationships. The models’ mechanisms can then be used to interactively study key intervention points, what-if scenarios, and other insights. By licensing the REFS platform, our clients gain unprecedented insights into proprietary and third party data – driving new knowledge and actionable findings. REFS has been used by data, machine learning, and modeling experts across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health plan and broader healthcare landscape.

Licenses to REFS can also be bundled with preprocessed datasets and other prebuilt REFS models – getting you and your team up and running even quicker!

Access to the REFS platform simulates new dimensions of innovative analytics and machine learning and provides powerful tools for internal users to apply on the most complex and valued data assets.

Causal Modeling Experts

Resource constrained?

Our clients frequently turn to GNS as a source of analytics and data science and machine learning expertise. Our expert causal machine learning team has been deployed and embedded in leading healthcare analytics teams across the healthcare industry. Let us help you succeed on your application of advanced modeling by allowing us to embed some of our best and brightest computational experts into your organization! Get started faster, gain insights sooner, and drive results and impact that makes a difference for important healthcare outcomes.

Model Explorer

Once a causal machine learning model has been built, non-technical users can also explore and interact with it through a simple point-and-click interface. Our interface enables scientists, modelers, managers, and even executives to explore and uncover novel findings in the dataset. Powerful, accessible exploratory tools are available at the click of a mouse.

Causal Machine Learning Bootcamps and Workshops

Causal machine learning is a powerful tool, but learning how to leverage it properly is a key to success. GNS delivers a comprehensive curriculum that guides technical attendees through the ins and outs of Bayesian network modeling, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo, and other advanced computing techniques used by the REFS platform. After completing the curriculum, attendees have the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully implement models with their REFS License.

Bootcamps typically occur quarterly at GNS Headquarters. Ongoing technical support is available after the bootcamp to support your team throughout the license.

Informational workshops on the theory and applications of causal machine learning are also available.

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