Board of Directors

Colin Hill, MS Headshot

Colin Hill, MS
Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder

Jan Berger, MD, MJ Headshot

Jan Berger, MD, MJ
Vice Chair
President & CEO,
Health Intelligence Partners

Jared Short Headshot

Jared Short
Chief Operation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions

Rob Coppedge Headshot

Rob Coppedge
Chief Executive Officer, Echo Health Ventures

Adrian Weller, PhD< Headshot

Adrian Weller, PhD
Senior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
Programme Director, Artificial Intelligence, The Alan Turing Institute

Board Observers

Roberto Barzi Headshot

Roberto Barzi
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Fort Rock Capital

David Miller, PhD Headshot

David W. Miller, PhD
Operating Partner, GHO Capital

Scott Musch Headshot

Scott Musch
Vice President, Corporate Development, Cambia Health

Janis Naeve Headshot

Janis Naeve
Managing Director, Amgen Ventures

Alec Reynolds Headshot

Alec Reynolds
VP, Global Project Leadership, Celgene Corporation

Jeff Vernice Headshot

Jeff Vernice, PhD, MBA
Director, Analytics, Horizon BCBS NJ

Kensuke Yoshida Headshot

Kensuke Yoshida
Director, IT & Communication Business Dept., Mitsui & Co., (U.S.A.) Inc.