More than ever, biopharmaceutical companies are under pressure to deliver products that are not only effective and safe, but are also cost-effective and deliver value to patients.

As the healthcare industry continues to transition toward value-based payment models, payers and providers are insisting manufacturers link prices to results. Companies must now meet the demands of an increasing number of value-assessment frameworks and produce evidence that allows them to distinguish their products from competitors. At the same time, breakthroughs in precision medicine offer unprecedented data and tools to accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs.

To remain competitive, companies are looking for innovative approaches that drive the creation of new therapies and demonstrate the value of late-stage clinical and newly marketed products.

GNS solutions, services, and platforms provide companies with the ability to:

  • Identify new biological targets and validate mechanisms faster
  • Discover biomarkers to stratify patients
  • Accelerate the development of novel drugs and companion diagnostics
  • Develop personalized treatment options
  • Maximize the value of your therapies in the framework of payers, providers, and patients

At GNS Healthcare, we help leading biopharmaceutical companies understand how to treat each patient with the right therapy at the right time.

discover Discover New Biology

Transform your data, our data, and 3rd party data into computational models that speed the discovery of new biological pathways.

target Identify Target Populations

Discover new biomarkers and understand disease progression to improve drug efficacy and safety and stratify patient populations in clinical trials.

predict Predict Patient Outcomes

Determine which interventions work for each individual and understand and optimize the real-world value of the therapy.


“We believe causal machine learning may yield new insights, even from commonly available forms of health data. This, in turn, can drive new data-driven R&D and ultimately may help us bring additional innovative therapies to patients.”


Richard J. Willke, PhD
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)
Former Vice President, Pfizer Global Health and Value

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